MRL Ventures Fund
Investing in the Future

Investing globally in early-stage therapeutics companies to transform patient care.

About Us

MRL Ventures Fund (MRLV) invests in innovative therapeutics companies that are developing transformative medicines that have the potential to meaningfully improve the lives of patients. MRLV is based in Cambridge, MA and is actively seeking investment opportunities globally.

We are:

Looking for the highest quality, differentiated science that will redefine patient care

Committed to backing imaginative scientists and proven entrepreneurs

Agnostic to therapeutic area or modality

We do not ask for any product or technology rights as a condition of investment. We do not invest in medical devices, diagnostic platforms or digital health. For digital health opportunities, please visit Global Health Innovation Fund (GHI).


$250 million fund

> $2.5 BILLION
Total Capital Raised for Portfolio

>$100 million deployed



Preclinical stage

Any modality

Delivering More than Capital


Traditional seed and early-stage company investments

Therapeutics companies—from concept to IND. Seek to invest up to $15 million per company, providing long-term, and committed capital

Lead or join a syndicate of investors and play an active role on company boards

Transparent and streamlined investment process

Company Involvement

Over the life of the company, we will continue to provide capital and expertise. We protect the confidentiality of our current and future portfolio companies by providing a robust firewall from the rest of the corporation.

At a portfolio company’s choosing, MRLV can act as a conduit to the larger corporate organization to solicit advice / expertise.

Our Portfolio Companies


Acquired & IPOs

Our Team

Our team is growing and has years of accumulated experience as scientists, investors, entrepreneurs, and business development & licensing leaders in both biotechnology and pharmaceutical companies. This broad experience enables a rich engagement with portfolio companies and co-investors.

Christine Brennan, Ph.D.
Partner, MRLV

Peter Dudek, Ph.D.
Partner, MRLV

Reza Halse, Ph.D.
President, MRLV

Diana Bernstein, Ph.D.
Senior Associate, MRLV

Olga Danilchanka, Ph.D.
Senior Associate, MRLV

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MRL Ventures Fund is actively developing a portfolio of early-stage therapeutic companies, which are focused on delivering innovative therapies to improve patient care.

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